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Event Outreach Plans

Are you a law college or a law University?

Events (seminar, conferences, moots, workshops, webinars, essay competitions, etc.) take a lot of time and effort and money. And hence, your events deserve an audience. 

Make Lawjure your partner in helping you reach more law students, and get the word about your event out in the legal community.

Please note that one post for all College/University events and opportunities is done for FREE.

In our Lawjure Outreach Plans, we help the college event/opportunity to reach a wider crowd.

Note: The Event Outreach Plans are available only for events and opportunities organised by universities and colleges. If you are a private body (company, society, trust, LLP, individual), etc., please check our advertising plans here.

What type of posts can be published?

All ‘events’ and ‘opportunities’ organized by a college/university, where people from outside can participate. These include:

There are 3 annual packages available:

There are 3 half yearly packages available:

FAQs for the Packages

What can these posts be about? Why do we need so many posts?

Why do you need this? One free post on Lawjure will surely help you reach many people in the target audience. But that one post does not remain on the home-page for long. Republishing the same post closer to the deadline will result in more registrations from various parts of India.

Why do you need this? A lot of good and knowledge is generated from well-organized conferences, workshops, and moots. Other than the local media or the college crowd, these get rarely publicised. We can publish a ‘key-takeaways’ posts for your conferences/workshops, photo-essays for fests, and publish interviews of moot court winners and judges.

This will tell the legal world about the various activities your colleges undertake.

What’s included in the package?

Side banner ads for your events and opportunities [Optional]

These rates are only available for our ‘Event Outreach’ partners.

Video Lectures